Title IX

Our campus community is committed to creating a safe environment for all faculty, staff and students. 

一个重要的校园问题是性暴力和关系暴力对成员的影响 of the University community.. The University strictly prohibits the crimes of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking. Further, these crimes have no place within our University community. The federal Violence Against Women Reauthorization 法案(VAWA)规定了高校的校园性义务 Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act provision in 2014. These regulations are designed, 在某种程度上,为了防止性侵犯、约会暴力、家庭暴力和跟踪, while also raising awareness and providing support at every turn. 根据第九条和34 CFR第106部分的规定,默里州立大学 在教育项目和活动中不存在性别歧视吗 第九条和34 CFR第106部分要求不以这种方式歧视. 这种教育项目和活动中的非歧视延伸到就业 and admissions.

To enforce Title IX, the U.S. Department of Education maintains an Office for Civil 权利(OCR),总部设在华盛顿特区,在全美有12个办事处 States.

Learn more about Title IX and the OCR.

Programs/Educational Sessions offered on campus regarding Title IX, Harassment Prevention, Safety/Security, etc. are available and offered across campus by the Murray State Women's Center, Murray 州警察局和应急管理部,整个住宿学院 System, etc. Offerings will be posted with a (Title IX) marker to the right of the event/program/session title on the Murray State event calendar. Further, Murray State Employees, faculty, staff and students will participate and earn a 100% score for online harassment prevention training each fall using the Murray State Canvas system. Online harassment prevention training 春季学期将只招收新员工和新生. 鼓励教职员工和学生参加其他项目/教育 sessions offered on the topic at the university which include but are not limited 要自卫,要安全,要保障,要防骚扰,要健康 relationships.

Commonly asked questions

穆雷州立大学的课程和活动涵盖第九条包括:08体育,招聘, 财政援助,学术项目,学生服务,体育,住房和就业. Also, Murray State may not retaliate against any person because he or she opposed 不合法的教育实践或政策,或指控、作证或参与 in any complaint action under Title IX.

第九条禁止在某些项目和活动中存在性别歧视 receive certain Federal funding. The discrimination prohibited includes exclusion 从或被剥夺任何学术,课外,研究,职业的利益 training or other educational program or activity on the basis of sex.

非法歧视:任何行为或不行为,不允许地基于全部或 这在一定程度上取决于一个人的种族、肤色、宗教、性别、国籍、年龄、体质或 精神障碍,和/或报复,不利影响特权,福利,工作 条件、结果导致不同的待遇,或对员工产生不同的影响 or applicants.

性别歧视:对个人的歧视性或完全不同的待遇 of his or her sex.

Murray State University's Non-discrimination statement

Yes. Title IX requires that once a college or university knows or reasonably should 知道可能发生性骚扰的学生,必须采取“立即和适当”的措施 采取步骤调查或以其他方式确定发生了什么,并迅速有效地采取措施 合理计算的步骤来结束骚扰,消除敌对环境 如果已经创建了一个,并防止骚扰再次发生“不管 whether the student who has been harassed complains of the harassment or asks the college to act. When a university fails to do so, it becomes subject to legal action, 无论是通过私人民事诉讼,还是通过行政程序 U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights.

有可能目睹或收到性骚扰举报的员工 assault, sexual misconduct, rape, stalking or domestic/relationship violence have a duty to report. This virtually includes all employees at the institution given their likelihood to interact with students throughout the campus. The only exceptions are those licensed counselors who are acting in their role as a counselor. Additionally, 实际的知识不一定是直接的知识,如报告的事件 alleged victim. Actual notice can be established by third party reports.

No. 有可能目睹或收到性骚扰举报的员工 assault, sexual misconduct, rape, stalking or domestic/relationship violence have a duty to report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator. So, even if an incident occurs involving a member of the University community (faculty, staff or student) during a Study Abroad trip, field trip, internship experience, etc., that incident should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator. The first priority to the victim of 事故发生时应查明个人是否有任何医疗或安全需要. Then, report the matter to the Title IX Coordinator.

Murray State University has designated Ms. Camisha Pierce Duffy as the Title IX Coordinator. 任何有疑问或寻求报告与性骚扰有关的事件的个人, or sexual assault may make contact using any of the following methods:

Camisha Pierce Duffy
Title IX Coordinator
103 Wells Hall
Murray, KY 42071
270.809.3155 (Tel)
270.809.6887 (Fax)

AFTER HOURS: Contact Police Department 270.809.2222 (Tel)

When a member of the University community is having experiences on a social media 不受欢迎或通过帖子或图片攻击的平台,08体育首页可以欣赏这种欲望 to remove the post(s)/image(s).

如你所知,默里州立大学有自己的官方社交媒体平台和 维护规则的帖子和图像出现在这些不同的平台 that the university 保留删除用户评论的权利 do not comply with other University (or platform) policies. Posts that are off-topic, 辱骂,包含亵渎,语气威胁,或演变成人身攻击 are subject to deletion.  Murray State University does not have the authority to filter or moderate social 默里州立大学官方社交媒体平台以外的媒体页面. 为了删除不需要的帖子/图像,08体育首页可能会采取以下步骤:  

  1. 在您开始删除和/或阻止/解除社交媒体帖子/图像的好友关系之前, you may want to screen capture/capture how the unwanted content currently appears on your social media platform (including any names, dates, etc. information). Use this information to report to social media sites and internet service providers. 
  2. Contact/navigate to the information page for the particular social media platform to get information regarding how to request removal of the image(s)/post(s). Certain 帖子/图片可能违反社交媒体网站制定的服务条款 internet service providers.
  1. 如果在任何时候,这些帖子/图片威胁到身体伤害,请与当地警方联系 agency (if off-campus) or University Police (if on campus).

此外,在社交媒体平台上处理这些书面评论/图像可以 be tough.  Please know that for employees, the University offers its EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and for students, they have access to University Counseling and/or the Murray State Psychological Center to provide assistance.

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